Friday, 8 April 2016

My Lalalab Experience

Hi guys,
So I am not sure how much detail I've gone into about this, but I am a big lover of photos. Glossy, usually black and white photos are my lifeblood, and I have a whole wall covered in photos (there's a post coming shortly about my arrangements for that). Recently I have tried a couple of apps that ship photos to you, one called FreePrints, and the other, which I prefer, is called Lalalab. 

This post is not sponsored in any way, and I have received no monetary gain or free products from Lalalab as a result of this.

(I have cropped out my address here but you can see how cute the packaging is!)

So for my first order, I decided to have 15 Polaroids made. There are loads of different products that they offer, with different sizes of photos, and even other products such as canvases, calendars and posters. Usually they would be £0.29 (I have no clue for the US or Europe) each with £1.99 for postage, but because I had a code, and a friend referral code, it worked out as £1.29 for the whole thing, including postage. I thought this was a lovely introduction to the company and really allowed me to buy quite a lot of photos for not much money.

Inside the brown envelope was this hot pink one containing my photos, and it took 5 working days to arrive at my house, which I personally thought was quite a while, until I saw the airfreight stamp from Germany on the envelope!

I was really impressed with the quality of the photos, as obviously it took the photos from my phone. The paper quality was nice, and there was really nothing that disappointed me. I do think that their price is quite reasonable, although other services such as FreePrints do offer a certain amount of free photos per month (I think it's 40). However Lalalab do run promos and offer way more products, so each has its own advantage.

The referral program gives both the user of the code, and the friend who owns the code, a £5 credit. This allows you to order quite a lot of photos and it carries over if you don't use it all in one order. So, if anyone downloads the app, feel free to use mine and both you and I will benefit!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you use the app, let me know how you get on with it.