Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Benefit Porefessional Review

Here's my review of the bestselling Benefit primer, the Porefessional Pro Balm, which (no spoilers) is one of the primers I like to use, and claims to minimize the appearance of pores.

This balm comes in one shade but appears to match all tones. I have only ever had one bad experience with this product, which claims to be oil free, and I hadn't used it in a while. Upon opening, a whole load of what appeared to be oil spurted out which was gross. However the product after that seemed fine...?

Packaging- Nice, typical Benefit  and clearly says what it does, how to apply etc.
Dispenser- Very small hole in tube, squeeze to dispense. Has a tendency when running low to squirt out at once, and must be careful when travelling not to dispense
Texture- Matte, oil free balm: feels great on the skin.
Fragrance- Lovely skincare cosmetic-y, Benefit smell that I personally love.
Application- Easy, with fingers is best, I wouldn't advise using a brush to be honest. 
Longevity- Lasts all day as a natural, matte-ish pore minimiser. I like to use under foundation rather than on top, due to the glitter, and it does stop my makeup from sliding off my face as much.
Coverage- Fairly natural but definitely is a great minimiser.
Pigmentation- Not exactly pigmented but does have a tint that seems to work with any skin colour. Does have glitter, which I would remove, but it isn't noticeable, especially under foundation
75/80! I think we need to take a moment to worship how good this is.

This is a truly great product and I can see why so many people love it (I think it's one of Benefit's best selling products). And the fact that it is oil free and doesn't clog pores means that it can basically suit any skintone.