Monday, 28 March 2016

March 2016 Playlist

Hi guys,
So this is my March 2016 Spotify playlist, and if you want to follow me on there, I'm here

1. Wild Things - Alessia Cara
This is such a huge tune and I really love the solid beat throughout this song as well as the half rapped verses. Much love for Alessia Cara, who has emerged so well with her debut album

2. Kiss It Better - Rihanna
A pretty chilled song from Rihanna's new album, which although I found it a slightly disappointing album, I love how melodic this is, with kind of futuristic noises thrown in for good measure.

3. Dance Off - Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Idris Elba and Anderson Paak
Love this song so much! Recently it's being played everywhere, but as soon as I listened to the album, it became clear that it would be the next big tune after Downtown. Macklemore at his slightly piss-taking best, and although there are some great deep songs with meaning, this is funny and light hearted with a great beat.

4. iT's YoU - Zayn (Malik)
How could I not include something by Zayn?! This has Weeknd-worthy vibes with his great falsetto on the chorus, and is so chill.

5. Texas Is Forever - Pierce The Veil
Complete opposite end of the spectrum but PTV will always hold a special place in my heart, and this is classic them. Cannot wait for the new album, and in the meantime will be rocking out to this.

6. Famous - Kanye West
Typical Kanye: great guest chorus, great tune, controversial lyrics...even if I don't agree with his misogynistic shizzle towards Taylor Swift, I can't deny that this is a good song.

7. St Patrick - Pvris
I heard this song ages ago and loved it, but recently it's popped back onto my radar and reminded my why I love Pvris so much... I definitely recommend them and cannot wait to see them explode properly.

8. Beautiful Lies - Birdy
Forget beautiful lies, this is a beautiful song and I love the slightly haunting violin as the namesake of the album.

9. Loving Someone - The 1975
Closing with two songs by personal faves, The 1975, with their hugely versatile sophomore album, and this is another song with this little half rapping thing that I seem to love so much (see number 1).

10. If I Believe You - The 1975
I absolutely love this song, especially the second verse with its big gospel style theme.

Full playlist, subject to changes over the month.

 That has been a selection of songs I have been loving this month, of all different genres, and I hope you enjoy!