Sunday, 10 April 2016

Hair hacks

Hey guys!
My hair is far from perfect, but this post will give you some hacks - which I hope are some use to you - to keep your hair lookin' perf 👌🏼

1- Perfume 
I'm not 100% agreeing with this, but if you want nice smelling hair (and you've no time to wash it) then all you have to do is spritz a bit of perfume on your regular hairbrush, and brush your hair through!

2- Cornstarch/Cocoa powder/Baby powder 
This may already be known to you, but dry shampoo is a life saver. What if you've ran out? Use cornstarch or baby powder for light hair colours and cocoa powder for us wonderous brunettes - and it makes you smell good :)

3- Blow-dry and brush saves time 
I haven't mastered this hack yet, some of you may already do this buttttt... If you have crazy curly hair like me, and it takes years to straighten, why not semi-straighten your hair after you've washed it to start your hair routine off? All you need is a barrel brush and a hair dryer, brush and roll the hair whilst drying and after some practice you will have a much easier time straightening! 

4- Let it cool
I used to have the habit of touching and brushing every section of hair after I had straightened it, whilst it was still hot. Bad idea. This will increase the chance of less straight hair! This goes for curling as well, let the curls cool and then spray with hair spray and brush them out for a softer look. This will increase the longevity of the look.

5- Hairspray and toothbrush
Bye bye flyways! Spray a toothbrush with hairspray and brush the flyaways down. Works a treat. (please make sure you use a separate toothbrush to the one you use to brush your teeth)

6- Boost that ponytail
If your ponytail is a bit o' droopy, use 2 bobby pins to give it some help. 

7- Quick frizz reducer
I do this if I am out and about and my hair is just going crazy. Use hand cream, moisturizer or so and just put a tiny but on the tip of your fingers and smooth your hair down.

8- Quick wash
Rushing late and your hair is just gross - too gross to be able to use ? - wash just your hair in the sink/shower. It's quicker than having a full shower, and if you're really pushed for time, you could section out the worst part and purely wash that.. !

9- Rock a messy bun or a hat.. 
If worst comes to worst, chuck it in a messy bun, perhaps with a cute braid incorporated.. or just wear a hat. :)

Hope yall learned something :)
Love ya,
Toni x