Monday, 11 April 2016

5 Minute Hairstyles for Long Hair

Hi guys, 
So, as a girl with very long hair, that can sometimes be difficult to manage, I thought I'd make a post with some pictures and guides to creating some easy to manage, yet super cute hairstyles. 

Number 1: The classic high pony
Yes this is a total classic, and one of the easiest to achieve. You can customise this in so many ways... a) add a braid into it, 
b) make it rough, textured and messy with dry shampoo and teasing with your fingers
c) wrapping a piece of your hair round the band for a more sleek and polished look

Number 2: Half up, half down
I am a big fan of this hairstyle, as it allows me to have it down, but doesn't feel heavy against my face, and also is less in the way. I also have the habit of touching my hair a lot when it's all down, whereas this minimises that, so also minimises grease. 
To jazz it up a bit:
a) plait the bit you tie
b) turn it into a man bun with the rest left down
c) bring the rest of it into a ponytail underneath for a staggered effect 

Number 3: Braids
This is probably my hair style of the month and I'm so happy that it has finally come back into fashion. I'm loving the double French braid, which I learned to do from Carli Bybel on youtube. 

Here's her tutorial if you're interested in learning how to do it: 

To make it even funkier:
a) you can make this a messy look by pulling it out a bit and making it more rough and ready
b) wrap the braids up into a cute bun
c) pull out your little baby hairs from the plaits for a softer look.

Number 4: Bun
Another classic. There are two ways to do this, and I'll show you the easiest, that will only require two hairbands and a bit of hairspray, depending on how slippy your hair is. This can definitely be a 5 minute hairstyle.

1: Gather your hair into a ponytail. Make this as messy, loose or tight as you like.
2: Split it into two even sections
3: Knot your hair, and then repeat. Because mine is so long, I usually do it 3 times.
4: Secure the ends with the other hairband.
6: Fluff it up a bit, make it messy, or just hairspray!

I hope you enjoyed these hairstyles with some suggestions for jazzing them up a bit and let me know how you get on!