Monday, 28 December 2015

My YSL Belle D'Opium Tale

Hi guys,
This post is a little different to some of the others you will see, and yes, has been over dramatised for effect. This is the tragic, emotional and sometimes brilliant tale of my favourite perfume and possibly the best scent in the whole world: Belle D'Opium by Yves Saint Laurent.

Okay, so we can trace this story all the way back to the murky depths in 2012 when I first received Belle in one of those cute Yves Saint Laurent travel perfume sets. It was paired with the original Opium, which I am personally not a fan of *cue gasps of horror*. But I opened this sexier, less heavy scent and fell in love.

Anyway, all was fine and dandy with my trusty bottle of Belle, and I'm not sure that anyone would know this, but I used to suffer with anxiety a lot. Since I was a really small child I've been sensitive to smells, and something about this perfume could manage to make me calm (don't ask how!).

Then they discontinued it.


I don't even know when they discontinued it, because I had been stockpiling, BECAUSE EVERYONE KNEW I LOVED IT. It has gone, and I realised months after they must have discontinued it :(((((.

They discontinued it, and brought in some crap named Black Opium. I had high hopes for this, and to be honest it is the worst perfume I have smelled in a very very long time.


I spent ages on the internet trying to find anywhere that was selling it that wasn't eBay (don't even ask, I just won't buy perfume from eBay). Could I do it? Nope. Could my lovely mum do it for Christmas? Yes. 

I know that they are not going to bring it back and I wish I was rich enough to directly ask YSL to conjure some up for me, but it's such a shame as Belle D'Opium was an amazing perfume and in my opinion, a stand out rather than an offshoot of Opium. 

I was being genuine the other day when I said I would happily pay £200 for a bottle. I didn't care that it was, like all YSL perfume, £80 for the smaller bottle. Honestly, that one scent means so much to me and if you've never found 'your' perfume, you'll think I'm mad but it's gorgeous.

(OH, and just for the record, the new perfume that YSL brought out to try and replace Belle, Black Opium, smells like a unicorn barfed up some sugar onto a plate and then someone threw a hint of Old Spice at it. Bleugh.)

Belle D'Opium will always have my heart, but I have one bottle left before it's gone forever.